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Week 1 

May 2, 2021

Hannah – 1 Samuel


1- You will have people who provoke you on purpose: but don’t let them control you – V.6-71


2- Get in the right mindset before you make a Vow to God.- V.10-11


3- Be ready to follow through no matter how difficult it might be – V.28 & 2:11


-In the passage George taught on, he explains how, as believers, provocation comes from all around us. How is it that you feel the world around you is attacking you right now both personally and spiritually?

-What is it that leads others to provoke us if we truly are preaching a gospel of love? (Consider why Peninnah provoked Hannah)

-Often times it is easier for us to go with the flow than it is to push against the grain. However, in our efforts to give control of our lives to God, we cannot simply coast. How are we constantly choosing to keep God enthroned in our hearts?

-One of the ways we can struggle to keep God enthroned in our hearts is in the way we pray out of our own desires and emotions. How is it that we can be more intentional, in the way we pray, to keep God’s will for our lives central? (Additional note: It is not wrong to pray earnestly and confess that which weighs heavy on your soul, but it is important to remember to put God’s will for our lives first, just as Christ did in the garden.)

-What are some things that help make it easier for you to be open handed, in your prayer life when it comes to the things you deeply desire or care about?

-It is not always easy to pray for God’s will to be done in our lives, as often that means being willing to be okay with a “no” from God in response to our request. When is it the hardest to pray for God’s will to be done in your life? 

– Philippians 1:29 reminds us, as believers, that we are not promised a suffering-free life, but that we should be prepared for hardships and to trust in the Lord. How is it that we can better walk in faith in the presence of suffering?

-Read Joshua 1:5. What does this verse reveal to us about our suffering?

-How can we be diligent in reminding ourselves and other believers that we are not alone, that “this, too, shall pass,” and that God is actively working through our suffering to bring His message of love and peace to others?

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