About Us & Our Curriculum

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2018/2019 School Year

  • First Day of School: Monday, August 13th at 9:00 AM
  • Meet the Teacher & Parent Orientation: Friday, August 10th at 10:30 AM

PTC3 Preschool is dedicated to creating an environment where children grow to love school and learning. Our programming is designed to meet the needs of the whole child:

  • Spiritually- by teaching our children that they are loved by God and were purposefully created
  • Socially & emotionally– through learning to cooperate, share, take turns, and express emotions, as well as developing a sense of independence
  • Linguistically- through using language to communicate, learning listening habits, and facilitating a love for reading and beginning to write
  • Developing fine motor skills– through play; specifically, coloring, turning pages, cutting, stringing beads, sorting small toys, and, eventually, writing
  • Conceptual development– through beginning to understand concepts such as likeness, color, shape, and size, as well as introducing numbers and letters
  • Developing gross motor skills– by encouraging movement through running, skipping, swinging, jumping, and dancing

Everything, from our intimate classroom sizes to our combined curriculum, was purposefully chosen to engage and embolden your child in their learning adventure.

We combine purposeful play with the Abeka curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears curriculum to instill a love of learning and school in your child.


Meet Our Staff

About Megan

Megan has been at PTC3 Preschool for 8 years in total, serving as Preschool Director for two years. She graduated with a degree in Early Childhood Education and She is mom to Aidan, a rambunctious teenager, and has previously taught our K-3 classroom for 4 years.

Megan Smyth

Preschool Director

About Jennifer

Jennifer has been with PTC3 preschool for 3 years now. She is mom to Harley, who attends our preschool. Jennifer is a jack-of-all-trades here, coordinating our Box Tops for Education drive, communicating with parents, and even substituting when needed.

Jennifer Hall

Director’s Assistant

About Theresa

Theresa has taught K-4 with us for 5 years. Theresa & Ciara work together to create a structured learning environment for their students to prepare them for Kindergarten. She personally chose Handwriting Without Tears curriculum to ensure our K-4 kids have the best time learning new skills.

Theresa Krass

K-4 Teacher

About Ciara

Ciara has been at PTC3 Preschool for 5 years, and has worked alongside Theresa in the K-4 classroom for 4 years. She is a mom to 2 girls who both went through our preschool program. Ciara and Theresa’s personailties compliment each other well, balancing structure and fun to benefit our kids as they get ready for Kindergarten.

Ciara Smith

K-4 Aide

About Amanda

Amanda is a first year teach here and has previously taught at Coweta Charter School. She is mom to one boy and loves adventure and fun! Amanda is warm and engaging, bringing lots of energy to her classroom. Her classroom goals are to ensure our K-3 students love school and learning.

Amanda McBride

K-3 5 Day Teacher

About Nicole

Nicole is a first year aide, but as a mom of 2 boys who are currently enrolled in our preschool, she knows the ins and outs of PTC3 Preschool. Nicole’s patience pairs perfectly with Amanda’s warm nature to create a fun, community-driven learning environment for our K-3 students. 

Nicole Rodriguez

K-3 5 day Aide

About Colleen

Colleen has been at PTC3 Preschool for 2 years as both a teacher and aide. She is a mother of 2 and is the most laidback and patient person you may ever meet. Colleen and Wendy’s classroom is an encouraging and relaxed environment, focused on fostering a love of school and learning.

Colleen Schreiber

K-3 3 day Teacher

About Wendy

Wendy has been at PTC3 Preschool for 3 years as a teacher and an aide. Wendy is a mother of 4 and is incredibly patient and sweet. Wendy and Colleen are friends outside of work, which is easy to see in their classroom. They both love to laugh and encourage their students to have fun while learning!

Wendy Hartman

K-3 3 day Aide

About Tracy

Tracy has been teaching at PTC3 Preschool for a remarkable 26 years. She is mom to 2 beautiful girls, and genuinely loves her job. She is the most kind, loving person you will ever meet. Tracy & Connie’s class is focused on a gentle introduction to shapes, colors, letters, and numbers. They love to make learning fun through activities, songs, and crafts!

Tracy Pettigrew

K-2 Teacher

About Connie

Connie has been teaching at PTC3 Preschool for 3 years, and has been alongside Tracy since she started here. Connie is a mom of 2 teenage girls and truly loves coming to work every day. Connie and Tracy have complementary personalities that encourage a loving and fun environment for their students.

Connie Heath

K-2 Aide

About Heather

Heather has taught at PTC3 Preschool for 2 years in our Toddler classroom. She is mom to 3 girls, 2 of whom are in our preschool program. Heather is patient and warm, and truly loves little ones! Heather and Lauren work well together to create a supportive environment focused on social development. 

Heather Howard

Toddler Teacher

About Lauren

Lauren has been an aide at PTC3 Preschool for 10 years in a number of classrooms. Her gentle, loving spirit makes her perfectly suited for caring for our littlest students in our Toddler class! Lauren and Heather work well together to balance play time and integrating a love of learning from an early age. 

Lauren Dix

Toddler Aide

2018-2019 School Calendar

Meet the Teacher August 10th
First Day for Students August 13th
Labor Day September 3rd & 4th *No School*
Fall Break October 8th & 9th *No School*
Fall School Pictures October 16th
Thanksgiving Break November 19th-23rd *No School*
Christmas Break Dec 20th-January 7th *No School*
MLK Jr. Day January 21st *No School*
Winter Break February 18th-20th *No School*
Spring Pictures TBD
Spring Break April 1st-5th *No School*
Good Friday April 19th *No School*
Spring Program May 2nd at 10:30am
K-4 Graduation May 9th at 5:30pm
Last Day of School May 17th
Teacher Work Days May 20-22nd