About Us & Our Curriculum

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2022/2023 School Year

  • First Day of School: Thursday, August 15th

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PTC3 Preschool is dedicated to creating an environment where children grow to love school and learning. Our programming is designed to meet the needs of the whole child:

  • Spiritually- by teaching our children that they are loved by God and were purposefully created
  • Socially & emotionally– through learning to cooperate, share, take turns, and express emotions, as well as developing a sense of independence
  • Linguistically- through using language to communicate, learning listening habits, and facilitating a love for reading and beginning to write
  • Developing fine motor skills– through play; specifically, coloring, turning pages, cutting, stringing beads, sorting small toys, and, eventually, writing
  • Conceptual development– through beginning to understand concepts such as likeness, color, shape, and size, as well as introducing numbers and letters
  • Developing gross motor skills– by encouraging movement through running, skipping, swinging, jumping, and dancing

Everything, from our intimate classroom sizes to our combined curriculum, was purposefully chosen to engage and embolden your child in their learning adventure.

We combine purposeful play with the Abeka curriculum and Handwriting Without Tears curriculum to instill a love of learning and school in your child.


Meet Our Staff

About Megan

Megan has been at PTC3 for 11 years. Originally teaching in the 3 yr old class, she moved into the Assistant Director position and then Director 5 years ago. In February 2020, the church purchased Oxford Trails Academy and she stepped into the position of Executive Director of that facility as well.  She lives in Peachtree City with her husband and son.

Megan Smyth

Director, PTC3 Preschool Executive Director, Oxford Trails Academy

About Theresa

Theresa has been with us for 8 years. A former elementary teacher, Theresa leads our K4 class. Theresa chose the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum several years ago and has seen wonderful results with it in preparing her students for Kindergarten. Theresa lives in Senoia with her husband and 3 sons.

Theresa Krass

K-4 Teacher

About Connie

Connie has been teaching at PTC3 for 6 years. She started as an assistant in K2 for 3 years and has been in K4 with Theresa for 3 years. Connie is an essential part of the classroom with Theresa. Connie lives in Senoia with her husband and 2 daughters. these words are for formatting purposes, they are merely being used to take up space

Connie Heath

K-4 Assistant

About Jennifer

Jen has been with us at PTC3 for 2 years. Originally the K3 assistant, Jen stepped into the lead role this year and is flourishing. Jen lives in Peachtree City with her husband and 3 daughters. These words are only here to provide adequate space for the hover boxes to be the right size. They are merely to take up space.

Jennifer Torr

K-3 Teacher

About Luisa

This is Luisa’s first year with us at the preschool and we are lucky to have her! Luisa and Jen are an amazing teaching team, you would think they have known each other for years. Luisa lives in Senoia with her husband and 3 sons. These words are only here to provide adequate space for the hover boxes to be the right size. 

Luisa Velez

K-3 Assistant

About Tracy

 Tracy has been with the preschool for a remarkable 30 years! Any parent who has ever had their child taught by Tracy will tell you there is no one like her. Tracy’s patience and gentleness with the children is extraordinary. She has two grown, married daughters and recently welcomed her first grandson.  

Tracy Pettigrew

K-2 Teacher

About Elizabeth

This is Elizabeth’s first year with us at the preschool. Elizabeth’s oldest daughter is a former student and her youngest attends with us now. Elizabeth has an abundance of patience and truly loves the student in her class. Elizabeth lives in Peachtree City with her husband and two daughters.

Elizabeth Brock

K-2 Assistant

About Lauren

 Lauren has been an assistant in various classrooms for 13 years. Her love of babies is evident in our toddler room where she enjoys watching the kids learn something new every day. Lauren lives in Peachtree City with her family. 

Lauren Dix

Toddler Class