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WK1 – 11/29/2020 – The Promise – Gabriel & Mary

Scripture: Luke 1:26-38 

Let’s take a moment here to look deeper than the surface to see more clearly the depth and breadth of God’s love for us:



  • What does Gabriel proclaim about the promise?


    • God’s faithfulness… God does not forget His promise nor is He late in His fulfillment of it – Gal.4:4 – Gabriel’s proclamation vss.30-33 is the announcement of the fulfillment of Isaiah 7:14 and 9:6-7.
    • God is willing to pay any price to bring us into fellowship and relationship with Him… Think about the reality of Gabriel’s statement the Living God is entrusting His Son to first time parents – in a less than ideal circumstance – and He is doing it in a way that doesn’t make sense in the world in which we live- for He is doing what seems impossible to us vs.37


  • What does Mary recognize/understand about the promise?
    • The promise is bigger than anything she can comprehend… vs.34 – I believe in this we can all relate to Mary – “how can this be?” – this is why the love of God made real for us in Christmas overwhelms me – how can it be that God would do this for the likes of me? 
    • Her lack of understanding does not change God’s faithfulness…vs.38 Fortunately for us! What an amazing posture for Mary – I imagine that this has something to do with the reason she found favor with God – We don’t have to understand everything we simply need to trust in the faithfulness of the One who does – What a blessing that God follows through without our understanding – His promises are true.



  • What should we embrace about the promise?


    • God is changing everything for the good… His kingdom will never end vs.33

God is faithful… What He promises He delivers – remember though, last week we talked about how the timing is His and just because the timing doesn’t necessarily make sense to us we must embrace the truth that He is faithful – the fulfillment of this prophecy that Gabriel speaks of came 750 years before Mary was born – it may seem like an overwhelming span of time unless viewed through the lens of eternity – and when we do that we can begin to grasp that His faithfulness speaks across the ages of His great love for us.