Vision Statement

“We are a praying church that serves in our homes, community and world.”

Prayer is an essential part of who we are not just as Peachtree City Christian Church but also as believers that are united in Christ all over the world. When you take a moment to think on the implications of having access to the same God that parted the Red Sea for Moses, caused the sun to stand still for Joshua and gave up His only Son so that we might have life it causes you to do a bit of self reflection. Am I really making the most of this opportunity? Or am I just content in having a brief conversation to tell Him “thank you for the food I’m about to eat”? We stand resolute to be a people of prayer so that in all circumstances we seek the wisdom of the Lord over the wisdom of others and then seek the courage to follow through on what the Lord reveals to us…even when it’s not exactly the answer we were hoping for.

The more we communicate with the Father the more we will be like Him. If you had to narrow down the life of Christ into just a few words that described it well there is no doubt that “servant” would be one of them. It is our desire that we grow in this area as well as our prayer life honestly, that one would feed the other. We will begin to see through our conversations with the Lord that He has placed many opportunities in our lives to serve as His Son served every single day in our own homes. This is where our service must begin; it doesn’t seem fitting that we would start anywhere else. What would it say about His people if we went out of our way to serve everyone else in our lives except for those in our own homes? For example, when we arrived home we needed a break from serving because the world we work in got the best of who we were that day and our families just got the leftovers? A life of prayer will lead us to serving in our homes first.

The next piece is finding a way to say yes to opportunities in our community. We should seek out a chance to make a difference for the Kingdom of God in the areas in which we work. I wouldn’t worry too much about it though…when we are people of prayer, the opportunities will be revealed to us. Our hearts will be drawn through the leading of the Holy Spirit to get involved and be part of the building of faith in others’ lives. This is also the place where we realize that Jesus isn’t interested in us coming to His Church each week and simply consuming – He wants us to contribute. Again, as our prayer time increases so will our desire to be part of the building up of the Bride of Christ (the Church).

Finally, to the ends of the earth. From the comforts of our home and community, to that which is so different from anything we have ever experienced, the Lord teaches us things we would never have learned back home. We are a church that sees great value in following the interactions that come directly from the mouth of Christ. He commands us to go into all the world, and because of that, we find ourselves in a place where we can’t argue. So we go, and we love it, because that is what we are made to do. Sometimes it might feel like it’s out of our reach…that we weren’t made to serve outside of these United States. When that thought crosses our mind, default back to what’s first: Pray. Ask the Lord for courage like David, obedience like Esther and a love like Jesus. We are a praying church that serves in our homes, community and world.