Sunday & Wednesday Worship Times

Traditional Service - 9:30 AM
Traditional Worship | 9:30 AM

If you enjoy singing hymns and some of the classic praise choruses with the piano and organ, our Traditional service at 9:30am is for you!  Our skilled musicians use their gifts to glorify the Lord and we as worshipers are blessed as well. The rich tradition of this service helps to create a sacred atmosphere of reverence as we remember Christ around His table, sing hymns of praise, and listen to His Word taught and proclaimed. If church the way you grew up is what you want, then get your Sunday go-to-meeting clothes on and come to worship with us this Sunday!

Modern Worship | 11 AM

Our First Day Worship Service focuses on our ability as believers to be CREATIVE in worship. We aim to incorporate multiple elements each week from various ARTS. We believe that being creative is one way that God has given us to reflect HIS GLORY. Dress is casual, worship is energetic and the message is relevant. Don’t be surprised if week to week things aren’t exactly the same. Also, make sure you are here on time…WE START AT 11…you won’t want to miss the opener!

Café Worship | 9:30 & 11:00 AM

If you’re looking for a laid back, casual yet intimate worship experience, then Café Worship at 9:30 am & 11:00 am is for you. Seated around tables, worshipers engage in God’s Word while drinking a good cup of coffee and eating a fresh pastry from our Café. The worship music is more along the lines of a coffee house feel with mostly acoustic instruments playing some of the latest songs of worship, many of which you might hear on Christian radio. Communion stations are located around the room for each person. When you feel ready to partake, you can do so during the music portion of the service. If Café worship sounds like something you’d like, then come join us!

Wednesday Night Café Worship | 6:30 PM

Our Wednesday night Cafe service features a deeper look by George into the previous Sunday message. As is with our Sunday morning Cafe service, seating is around tables, and the worship music is more along the lines of a coffee house feel with mostly acoustic instruments playing some of the latest songs of worship. The Communion stations are available for all, and are accessible throughout the entirety of the service. There are programs for children of all ages, as well. So if you missed Sunday, or cannot make it to church due to work or other commitments, we hope to see you there!